BLACKS EMPOWERMENT StrategyFEST UYO, Akwa Ibom State. Wednesday 29th June 2016, 10am at Ibom E-Library Auditorium, IBB Way Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Text WEALTH TO 09055599925 to reserve your seat. BLACKS EMPOWERMENT STRATEGYFEST UYO Hello! I am Cally Cussons PhD. I had Poliomyelitis as a little boy at the age of one plus. I crawled on all fours, had 7 orthopaedic surgeries to be able to walk with crutches and calipers. I have since moved on from contemplating suicide to become a big success in all the areas of endeavours I have chosen – academics, business, ICT, consulting, training, speaking, writing, music and name it. BIG CONCLUSION: - It is not WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU THAT MATTER, it is WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. One of the greatest revelations you will ever have is:- Successful and Rich people do ALWAYS what Unsuccessful and Broke people do OCCASIONALLY. We Nigerians hope against hope that someday sometime things will just get better without us doing anything new. Capital LIE brother. Capital LIE sister. If only you can change you thinking, you can change your fortunes. The quality of life you are living today is a product of your choices yesterday, believe it or not. What you believe or don’t believe doesn’t really change the truth. Dearest, the quality of life you will live tomorrow is determined by the CHOICES you make NOW. People say Nigeria is very difficult at the moment – retrenchments, job cuts, higher prices of basic commodities, and so on. But I tell you, this is the best time to overtake and become greater, richer, more influential, more successful and bigger entrepreneur. Do you really want to become more than you are at the moment – have better income, have geometric business growth, transit from paid job to being an entrepreneur, enjoy a better lifestyle, become more knowledgeable, generate better business ideas and implement them with strategic precision? If your answer to any or all of these questions are YES, then you are in the right relationship. Yes, relationship because I want to mentor you to success. I want to invite you to BLACKS EMPOWERMENT STRATEGYFEST. It is a success and business mastery session with Dr. Cally Cussons, the president of Sean Cussons Business School Abuja and Owerri. At the StrategyFestival, you will learn that there is nothing wrong with Nigeria or our geographical location but everything is wrong with how we see things – we see opportunities as problems, we see advantage as adversity, we see bend in the road as end of the road and we see ability as disability. This is the best time to be a Nigerian in Nigeria. Come and learn how to master success and business and build your wealth by increasing your knowledge bandwidth. Remember, if you are not as successful and rich as you want, there is something you don’t know. On Wednesday, 29th June 2016, at Ibom E-Library Auditorium, IBB Way Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, from 10am in the morning, I will be showing you the strategies I used to move from  a VODP to a VVIP, Very Ordinary Disabled Person to a Very Very Important Personality. It is absolutely free. Just Text WEALTH to 09055599925 to reserve your seat. Remember, your life is a product of your CHOICES. Like most great things in life, CHOICE is FREE. Doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result is known as insanity or madness. Make a choice to try a different approach to that business or that living today, try my proven strategy that lifted me from disabled to mega-able today. Dearest, it works! But if unlike me, you are comfortable with your condition in life, your situation at the moment and where you are at this time of your life, then please sit tight. But if you are hungry for more from life, then, let me help you re-write your financial, mental, success and business blueprint. Till I see you on Wednesday, 29th June 2016, at Ibom E-Library Auditorium, IBB Way Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, 10am in the morning, Just Text WEALTH to 09055599925 to reserve your seat. It is absolutely free. REMAIN BLESSED AND STAY CELEBRATED