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ChampTeens Nigeria is a product of research by Cally Cussons, Ph.D. ChampTeens stands for CHAMPION TEENAGERS. Dr. Cussons was researching on the possibility of a practical philosophy, codified and settled, which when administered to teens can help them in having a successful future. His research of many years pointed to the truth that if a child’s positive ambitions are amplified with the beautiful future in perspective, the child’s values and ideals will naturally increase, helping him or her from pursuing lower and negative goals. His research, therefore, concluded that goal-setting and goal-getting skills are fundamental to a child’s future success. Also, that if you can consistently increase a child’s Attitude, Skills and Knowledge (A.S.K) about life and it’s facets, he/she will sure turn out great as the Bible injuncts: Train up a child in the way he should GO and when he is grown he will not DEPART from it.

We are focused on raising adolescents and teenagers whose lives, attitudes and wisdom application reflect the understanding of their lives purpose. We do these through mentoring programmes, seminars, workshops, bootcamps, holiday sessions, parents sessions, designing games, and picnics. At Champteens, we bridge the gap between teens’/pre-teens’  potentials and their life long goals. We develop in them, the desire and drive to excel in every area of their life through our approach of working on their Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge. These are achieved through our training, coaching and mentoring programmes. We also partner with schools to provide counseling, coaching and summer classes for their students as well as providing staff capacity building for their teachers.

The Value We Offer:

  •  Assist teens and pre-teens unlock the secrets of their potentials to enable them to find their perfect career paths.
  • Teens under our mentorship are helped to use the understanding of their personality types to make career choices that suit who they are.
  • Assist teenagers to unlock their leadership potentials that make them remain at the top wherever they find themselves. We turn teenagers and pre-teens from “Responders” who act and adapt to situations to “Explorers” and “Expeditors” who innovate, initiate, decide and direct.