Entrepreneurship Development Certificate Course (EDCC ONLINE)


Businesses in the 21st century are knowledge-driven, competitive, and innovation-based. To start and consistently grow your business, you must be well equipped with the right business and entrepreneurship attitude, skills, and knowledge to aid you with consistent growth in the direction of your business vision.

Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, consultant, or civil servant looking to start, grow or scale your business?

♦ Have you been searching for a world-class certification course in business and entrepreneurship meant especially for you to help you become more?

♦ Are you confused because you have tried ‘everything’ in business/career and they seem not to work anymore?

Then this course is for you! 

Participants Profile

In this course, you will learn and apply in real life, the principles and practices, that will help you organize, grow and scale your business no matter the size while gaining international certification in entrepreneurship.

So this program is for:

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Consultants looking to start a new business or grow existing businesses, get more customers/clients, sell more, and organize their businesses.

♠ Those who feel a gap in the knowledge, skills, and attitude to sustain the growth of their businesses

Those who lack understanding of the building blocks of their businesses.

♠ Those who find it difficult to separate personal finances and operations from their businesses’ finances and operations.

♠ Those who know that they need to gain clarity about their competitive advantage and how to use it to drive sales and business growth.

♠   Those who want to learn how to systemize their marketing and sales, how to acquire and retain their customers, how to keep their account books and manage their finances in business, how to hire and retain great staff members, how to build business structures, and systemize business operations, etc.

♠  Those who want to work less and earn more due to systems they have created in your business?

Course Delivery Method

♣   Engaging Lectures and role-plays.

♣   Group Practicals and hands-on Activities.

♣   Algorithm-based Scenario Creation.

♣   Business templates and workbooks.

Videos and Materials on building sustainable business systems and organizations.

♣   Games and Peer to Peer Learning

 Modules’ Overview

The modules will strengthen your Entrepreneurship and Success Mindset, take you through the journey of business success modeling, design thinking for creating products and services, introduce you to Human Resources Management and Capacity Maximization, Basics of Finance and Pro-Active Marketing

DATE: Monday, 28th June – Friday, 2nd July, 2021

VENUE: Live virtual and engaging sessions

COST: 2115 GHS or 365 USD (You can pay after your training or get a 20% discount if you pay within the first three days of the training )

Payment covers study materials and certificates.

TIME: 10am – 2pm Daily

CERTIFICATIONS: UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) Certificate and SCBS (Sean Cussons Business School) Certificate


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