How To Generate Powerful Ideas and Powerfully Execute Them Successfully

Have you always wondered why you generate powerful ideas but never implement them powerfully or profit from them?

Idea generation

Most times you blame your country, lack of capital, government policies, and so on. Please get me right, your excuses are genuine and real but you can’t have the comfort of excuse and the wealth of implementation at the same time. Either you choose the emotional comfort of excuses or the beautiful realities of concrete greatness.

There are some truths you need to learn that will liberate you so beautifully from the lack of executable ideas:

#Truism 1: The only way God blesses you is through ideas in your mind or another person’s mind.

#Truism 2: The human MIND is incapable of conceiving an impossible idea.

#Truism 3: Great idea generation without great execution leads to great frustration.

#Truism 4: Provisions are for visions, so if you do not start your vision the provision seldom comes

#Truism 5: There are learnable algorithms or step by step formula for generating and executing powerful ideas successfully in all areas of your life.

#Truism 6: Every success starts with your ideas, keep neglecting your ideas and forget about coming out of your poverty or hard place.

NB: If you have ever conceived ideas you knew were great and ended up not starting them or following through, then this is an opportunity for you to generate, start, and profit from your ideas.

After training tens of thousands on How to Generate and Implement Power Ideas Successfully, I have developed this Masterclass for you so you can stop complaining and start winning.

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1.How to attract powerful ideas into your mind and develop execution blueprints

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3. How to develop Business Opportunity Scanning and Identification Intelligence (BOSII)

4.The Power of PERCEPTION in idea generation and how to turn ugly or bad situations into 7-figure ideas and products

5.The 10 Familiar Places  powerful Ideas Come From and how to harness them for success

6.How to evaluate Business ideas and turn them into Business Opportunities and through simple practical principles into their financial equivalence

6.How to destroy the Factors Against your Ideas and soldier on to powerful success through seamless execution

7. How to find funding for your ideas

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