You spend a lot of time producing products and services and rarely spend as much time marketing them.

The cashflow problem that a lot of individuals and businesses have stem from inadequate or zero marketing and sales. How much have you spent in the last year to improve your marketing and sales skills and abilities?

I had the same problem many years ago and I thought the devil was responsible but truly this devil was not far from ‘myself’.

Every money you make is made through MARKETING and SELLING but how many hours do you spend learning about them.

If you know that your ideas, products, services, and platforms are suffering from marketing and sales kwashiorkor (malnutrition), join me this Wednesday 8th December 2021, 10am-2pm for the PROACTIVE MARKETING AND SALES BLUEPRINT WORKSHOP (Live Online. You will also get the recorded class).

You will learn:

What are marketing and sales
What is ProActive Marketing and Sales
Street Smart Marketing and Sales strategies
The CCDV-TP Marketing Algorithm and its application
Designing Practical Marketing and Sales Strategy
Understanding and applying Marketing and Sales Funnel
Application of the 7Ps of Marketing in your business and career
Understanding and applying 21st-century marketing and sales channels
Understanding the concept of Customer Satisfaction
BONUS: Dr. Cally Cussons Secret Marketing and Sales Code

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Limited spaces are available.

See you in class.

Stay celebrated always!

Cally Cussons, Ph.D

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