Building Entrepreneurial Nigeria Through Science and Technology

(An Online Colloquium to commemorate the 50th birthday in honour of Dr. Engr. Okechukwu Anopuo, Board member of Sean Cussons Business School) 4pm – 7pm, GMT+1, Saturday 6th Nov. 2021)

6 Worldclass Speakers


  1. Technology and Entrepreneurship: the meeting points
  2. Raising Funds for Tech Entrepreneurship: The common sense approach
  3. The Entrepreneurial Mindset in a globalized world
  4. Using Tech for Medicare in Nigeria: Raising the bars
  5. Insights and Algorithms: Technology for Marketing
  6. Policy Innovation: Government’s Role in a Digital Economy

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Engr. Dr. Okechukwu Anopuo

Profile of Dr. Engr. Okechukwu Anopuo

Dr. Engr. Okechukwu Anopuo is currently a principal material scientist with Biotronik AG Germany, where he is busy developing highly advance medical devices for cardio-vascular interventions for the past 10 years. Biotronik is one of the world’s leading companies in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices for cardio-vascular therapies, consequently improving the quality of life of millions of patients worldwide. Dr. Anopuo has initiated and co-patented over 5 different product ideas in the medical device industry internationally. A material scientist of international repute with over 18 years of experience in materials engineering. Dr. Anopuo obtained his first degree in Nigeria, and then headed for Germany where he completed his master’s degree and PhD at the Hamburg University of Technology.

Prior to joining Biotronik, he worked as a material scientist with Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon which is a member of the 19 research centres making up the (Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft) the biggest scientific organization in the Federal Republic of Germany. Dr. Anopuo has distinguished himself in structural light metal materials technology, ranging from polymers to composite materials and magnesium which is the lightest structural material on the face of the earth. A prolific writer, Dr. Anopuo has authored or co-authored more than 20 international technical papers and reports. He has spoken at many international conferences across Europe, USA, and Canada. Dr. Anopuo has worked in various international establishments either as an Engineer or a visiting scientist. They include Romira Technische Kunststoffe GmbH Hamburg Germany, IIT Bangalore India, CANMET Materials Laboratory Canada etc. He has collaborated with different organizations and foreign universities on various scientific projects. Dr. Anopuo is married with 3 children.