Entrepreneurship Development Certificate Course - EDCC

Businesses in the 21st century are knowledge-driven, competitive, and innovation-based. To start and consistently grow your business, you must be well equipped with the right business and entrepreneurship attitude, skills, and knowledge to aid you with consistent growth in the direction of your business vision.

Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, consultant, or civil servant looking to start, grow or scale your business?

♦ Have you been searching for a world-class certification course in business and entrepreneurship meant especially for you to help you become more?

♦ Are you confused because you have tried ‘everything’ in business/career and they seem not to work anymore?

Then this course is for you! 

Participants Profile

In this course, you will learn and apply in real life, the principles and practices, that will help you organize, grow and scale your business no matter the size while gaining international certification in entrepreneurship.

So this program is for:

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Consultants looking to start a new business or grow existing businesses, get more customers/clients, sell more, and organize their businesses.

♠ Those who feel a gap in the knowledge, skills, and attitude to sustain the growth of their businesses

Those who lack understanding of the building blocks of their businesses.

♠ Those who find it difficult to separate personal finances and operations from their businesses’ finances and operations.

♠ Those who know that they need to gain clarity about their competitive advantage and how to use it to drive sales and business growth.

♠   Those who want to learn how to systemize their marketing and sales, how to acquire and retain their customers, how to keep their account books and manage their finances in business, how to hire and retain great staff members, how to build business structures, and systemize business operations, etc.

♠  Those who want to work less and earn more due to systems they have created in your business?

Course Delivery Method

♣   Engaging Lectures and role-plays.

♣   Group Practicals and hands-on Activities.

♣   Algorithm-based Scenario Creation.

♣   Business templates and workbooks.

Videos and Materials on building sustainable business systems and organizations.

♣   Games and Peer to Peer Learning

 Modules’ Overview

The modules will strengthen your Entrepreneurship and Success Mindset, take you through the journey of business success modeling, design thinking for creating products and services, introduce you to Human Resources Management and Capacity Maximization, Basics of Finance and marketing

DATE: 4 Saturdays, 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th March, 2022

VENUE: Live virtual and engaging sessions or physically at Sean Cussons business School, Othni/Sharon House, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja

COST: N100,000 ($213) but cost N50,000 ($107) after 50% discount (for Online delegates 0nly) Or N150,000 ($320) but cost N75,000 ($160) after 50% discount (for physical class delegates only)

Payment covers study materials and certificates.

TIME: 10am – 3pm Daily

CERTIFICATIONS: UNIDO Certificate and Sean Cussons Business School Certificate


Fill the form below and use any of the following payment channels most convenient for you to make your payment.


  1. Transfer to: Sean Cussons Business School, Diamond (ACCESS) Bank, Account Number 0035975477. or

  2. Through Your ATM card here for both Dollar and Naira payments: https://bit.ly/scbspay

Enquiries: 08185021405 or 08184904305

Profile of the Lead Facilitator – CALLY CUSSONS, Ph.D.

Dr. Cally Cussons is a Cosmopolitan transformational business Coach and Mentor, a Top Performance Intelligence expert, and Wealth Attitude Modeling, Professional. He is an alumnus of Imo State University; Maastricht School of Management (MSM) Netherlands; Katholieke Universiteit (K. U. Leuven) Belgium; and University of Port Harcourt Nigeria. His degrees and certifications criss-cross Management, Business, ICT and Philosophy. He does not think that his PhD is his highest qualification.

For Dr. Cussons, his highest qualification is hinged on the strategies he learned on his transition from a VODP (Very Ordinary Disabled Person) to a VVIP (Very Very Important Personality). These strategies have been distilled into ManagementSkills and LifeSkills that can be learned by any willing mind and can be applied in any circumstance and size of the organization.

Cally has mentored hundreds of thousands of business executives and professionals, locally and internationally in his Top Performance Intelligence business coaching and mentoring program, online and offline.

Dr. Cussons is a consultant to multinational corporations like Shell, Governments, International Development Agencies like UNIDO, MDAs like CBN, Tertiary Institutions like UNILAG, Private Companies, Groups and Individuals. He has designed and developed Business management programmes for Universities and Business schools. In March 2017, one of his his organizations, Sean Cussons Business School, was chosen by United Nations Industrial Development Organization to help them in training 166,000 entrepreneurs and create more than 40,000 direct jobs. Dr. Cussons is the President of Sean Cussons Business School, Chairman of Sean Cussons Consulting Solutions Group, Agog Properties and Shelters Ltd, DextaRosi Agritech Group, BlackSynergy Ltd, etc.

He has facilitated bespoke sessions on Business, strategy; creative intelligence; Psychology of Persuasion, Marketing and Influence; Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, critical thinking; business vision management; innovative marketing, human capital leadership and much more. His Tools for Entrepreneurship MasterClasses help existing entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups through Start-up and Innovate Courses, Finance Courses, Marketing Courses, Operations Courses and Communications Courses.

Dr. Cussons is an expert on how individuals and organizations can turn their ideas, through top performance intelligence, into billionaire’s results. He travels the world doing so. An adept in making money without necessarily putting down cash, Dr. Cussons understands that execution is the real deal in today’s world hence his master toolbox techniques help governments, corporates, and individuals turn their ideas into results in the shortest possible time.


My knowledge of entrepreneurship before the course was below basic, now I am fully aware of what entrepreneurship is. The entrepreneurship development program has placed a compass of direction on my path, regarding how to birth an idea (solution) and nurture it to become world-class, on the wings of a system and not just theories or guesswork. The program is practical and applicable to every aspect of life, if well understood. I have since the first day spotted problems that need solutions in my society and I am working on one already. I thought I knew a number of things about business until I took this course and my eyes were opened to the rudiments of entrepreneurship, with very practical steps to achieve my dreams and build a legacy. Thank you Dr. Cally Cussons and your entire team, you are all loaded.
Zuwaira Hassan Ismaila; Celebrity Chef and MD, Zizi Foods Abuja; 07064516166; zuwairahassan101@gmail.com

I was a novice when it comes to transforming my knowledge into profitable products and services. It has imparted my knowledge, views, skills, and understanding of Entrepreneurship. It has overhauled my worldview to think Entrepreneurially. My profession, Career, Job, and Work have been reinvigorated by my exposure to this Program. The program has positively impacted me to have a holistic view of Entrepreneurship as an all-embracing concept to Success. I now think and reason Entrepreneurially.
Regina Ngozi Obiageli Ogbonna, Ph.D.; Professor of Education.

I will say that I knew but didn’t know how to apply, I have done an entrepreneurship course with the Kaduna Business School before. But this program with Sean Cussons Business School has got me doing, in the sense that I’ve started action on two of my projects just within 3 days of attending the EDCC. One is Teacher training for the local Quranic teachers, and a bakery in our estate. My thought is that this all important program has not been really advertised because every entrepreneur, consultant and professional needs it. I only got to know because Dr. Cally Cussons is known to me from a previous engagement with his organization. This program was thought by the best hands on business program I’ve ever attended, and this program is the third business program. It’s interactive and factual. No frills but full of punches to get you off your procrasting seat. I Love it and recommend it to all who have dreams that are just dreams!
Hajia Hannah Safia Akilu; Founder, Ali Akilu Foundation and MD HS Akilu Ventures Abuja.

I had a vague understanding of many business terms like USP, Value Proposition, Break-even point, etc, and their applications in my career and businesses. The training has opened my mind to see the multiple opportunities that are open to me; I now understand more business terms and how they relate to me; I now realize some mistakes I have been making. In addition, I have come across more than 100 books, each displaying another level of knowledge and deep thinking. A powerful and life-transforming programme.
Zaynab Babayade A. Imam; Kaduna.