How to Make Money and Manage Small Business Finance Workshop

…Keep your eyes on numbers, Increase your sense of urgency, gain focus and remain profitable


For you to increase revenue in your business, become profitable and increase profitability, you must be very familiar with your numbers. Understanding your numbers and increasing your sense of urgency is a viable tool to manage distractions and allow only things that matter to take away your attention. For you to be financially successful in business in the 21st century, you must rid yourself of your negative mental block of  “I am not an accountant or I am not good with record keeping and accounts” but be willing to get familiar with financial concepts and important business calculations. Your ability to get familiar with the financial principles that can drive your business growth and profitability will determine how wealthy you can be and how fast you can achieve that wealth.

To start and consistently grow your business, you must be well equipped with the right Financial Management attitude, skills, and knowledge to aid you with consistent growth in the direction of your business vision.

♦Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, consultant, or civil servant looking to start, grow or scale your business?

♦ Have you been setting up and shutting down businesses because you lack the required financial management skills to drive the business growth?

♦ Sometimes you may not be able to explain why your businesses have to collapse because you were always physically present and have pumped in huge sums of money into the business and you blame the collapse to invisible forces and demons?

♦Do you always think that your business’ finance should maintain the same purse with your personal finances since it is owned by you?

♦Do you find it difficult setting financial target for yourself and team members and have to always struggle to pay salaries?

Then this course is for you! ♥

In this course, you will learn and be able to apply in your businesses, the financial management principles and practices to raise your sense of urgency, understand the different types of cost in business, how different kinds of costs affect profits, how to keep your eyes on numbers, How to use your casflow spreadsheet, your income statement and Balance sheet.

Participants profile

♠Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Consultants looking to start a new business or grow existing businesses, Increase their sales targets and be able to meet same, get more customers/clients, sell more, and organize their businesses.

♠ Those who feel a gap in the knowledge, skills, and attitude to sustain the growth of their businesses

♠Those who lack  the right financial management attitude to drive their businesses.

♠ Those who find it difficult to separate personal finances and operations from their businesses’ finances and operations.

♠ Those who find it difficult to say no even when it is not convenient for their business

♠  Those who want to work less and earn more due to Financial Management systems they have created in their businesses?

Course Delivery Method:

♣   Engaging Lectures and role-plays.

♣  Practicals and hands-on Activities.

♣   Templates and workbooks..

♣   Games and Peer to Peer Learning

 Modules’ Overview

The modules will expose you to the whole gamut of the basics of Financial Management, record keeping and marketing, Teach you break-even analysis and how it can engender financial growth, show you how to use your understanding of your cashflow to increase income sources, strengthen your resolve to increase profit as you increase revenue, Take you through the journey of sales projection and how you can fathom and manage both micro and macro effects that can affect your Sales Forecast.

DATE: Saturday, May 15th, 2021

 TIME: 10am – 5pm (2 assignment breaks in-between)

VENUE: Live virtual and engaging sessions or physically at Sean Cussons business School, Othni/Sharon House, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja

 COST: 45,000 but costs 22,500 after 50% discount

Payment covers study materials and certificate


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