Take Your Business Online Masterclass (Live Online Classes)


A lot has happened in our country this period. There is an increase in PMS pump price, electricity tariff, drop on interest on savings in banks from 3.75% to 1.25%, increase on DSTV subscription, Inflation at an all-time high of  – 12.5% in recent times, and unemployment in some states has risen to 48.7%. The economy of Nigeria and indeed globally is looking south hence the need for FINDING NEW WAYS OF DOING OLD THINGS.

Selling online and taking your business fully online is still a heck of a problem for lots of entrepreneurs. In this 5-day masterclass, you will learn all you need to take your business online and be able to do the same. The lockdown may not be truly over, the possibility of resurgence can endanger your business again in no distant future, GOD FORBID. Above all, the economic outlook needs you to recession-proof yourself – NOT A JOKE AT ALL. You are invited to attend Take Your Business Online Masterclass at a 90% discount.




Can’t you see that if you are not selling your products and services online that your business and practice are inadvertently going extinct? Today, Organizations outlive organizations by selling more ONLINE. You can visit www.internetlivestats.com to see where billions of people are congregating.

 Anyways, wherever people gather, BUYING AND SELLING TAKES PLACE.

 So, if you are not making 50% of your sales online and/or getting 50% of your customers online, it is scary! – a sign that your business will soon die. THE LOCKDOWN HAS PROVEN US RIGHT. What you are seeing with this lockdown is the new normal, we should start getting used to it. We shall surely get back to normal but the normal will not be the normal you used to know. That is why we have put this beautiful impactful program Take Your Business Online Masterclass for you.


1. Structuring Your Business for online and Online Goal-setting Algorithm
2. The Essential Tools for Taking Your Business Online
3. How to Setup Facebook and Instagram as Online shops
4. Building a Website For Your Business
5. How to and Tools for Marketing your business online
6. How to use sponsored adverts to blow your sales
7. The Power of Email Marketing: Tools, Tips and Tricks
7. Payment platforms to Use in Collecting Payments when you sale
8. Tools For Creating Digital Products

 Program Details and How to Register

Time:  3-5pm
Date: Monday 23rd – Friday 27th November 2020
Venue: SCBS ZOOM Online Lecture Studio (You will receive the LINK for the LIVE classes and the permanent REPLAY LINK after every class)


Sean Cussons Business School, OTHNI/SHARON HOUSE, Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja (for those who want to join the physical class)

Fee: N10,000 (Discounted from N100,000)

Register for the Take Your Business Online Masterclass by paying N10,000 into Sean Cussons’ account details below, then send a text to 08185021405 to receive the zoom classroom link.

Account details

1. Sean Cussons Business School 0035975477 (Diamond Access Bank.) Or
2. Sean Cussons Consulting Solutions Limited 0071419603 (Sterling Bank) Or
3. Pay with your ATM card at bit.ly/scbspay

All enquiries to: 08185021405 or 09055599925

See you at the ONLINE training venue.

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